How to look great in your wedding photos

Looking great on your wedding day is the most important thing, and I'm not talking about you're makeup or suit, that said it does help a bit.


The engagement shoot is the most effective way of looking great on your wedding day, it breaks the ice and the awkward moment of meeting you're photographer for the first time, especially with a camera pointed at you.


All of the images in this blog were taken towards the end of the engagement shoot, this is how you will be on your wedding day if you prepare in front of the camera.


Most couples are very nervous and shy before the engagement shoot and often worry how the images from their day will turn out. I ask them how they feel after the shoot and they often reply with "we had such a laugh and feel totally relaxed".  


"Richard has a way of making us laugh and captures the moment beautifully, we felt totally at ease on our wedding day and knew what we were going to get".


You will also have nice photos of the two of you in a relaxed environment, which can also be used for thank you cards or your guest signing book.